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S. Mehta & Co., is please introduce as one of the leading supplier and manufacture of power jokers cap gratis spinn pa jack and the beanstalk transmission materials. We are established dealer since last many years. Our turnover and customer base has continuously increased. On time delivery and quality is our asset for progress.

We are the leading suppliers of Diamond Roller & Conveyor Chain, Elmo Motors, Sprocket Pulley, Coupling, Gears, Geared Motor. We deal with big and trustworthy brands. We are authorized dealer for the companies TI Diamond Chain Limited, Agro engineers etc. We belive in quality hence we supply the quality products of the quality brands. TIDC is one of India ‘s leading manufacturer of power transmission chains for the industrial.

In mechanics, a wheel that carries a flexible rope, cord, cable, chain, or belt on its rim. Pulleys are used singly or in combination to transmit energy and motion. In belt drives, pulleys are attached to shafts at their axes, and power is transmitted between the shafts by means of endless belts running over the pulleys. One or more independently rotating pulleys can be used to gain mechanical advantage, especially for lifting weights. The shafts around which the pulleys turn may attach them to frames or blocks, and a combination of pulleys, blocks, and rope is called a block and tackle. The pulley is considered one of the five simple machines.


We believe that quality is the key to retain the customer and make them happy. With the most advanced quality products our aim is to provide the A one products to our clients.


With the 10+ years of experience is the field of Power Transmission Material we have established the trust among our customer and we are the most trusted brand in our domain.


We are the authorized partners and jokers cap gratis spinn pa jack and the beanstalk distributor of many known brands in Power Transmission Material Industry. We offer variety of products that customers can trust on.


100+ Happy Customers 10+ Years of Experience 10,000+ Roller Chains Sold 80+ Uses our Roller Chains


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About Us:

We are one of the Leading House of Power Transmission Material. Dealing in Roller Chains, Attachment Chains, Hollow Pin Chain, Rubber Chain and much more.

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